Thursday, November 15, 2012

still alive

Just a tiny post to let everyone know I'm still alive; well that being my explanation  for not blogging lately.    

1.busy (ive just finished the last of my subjects,but still doing my thesis(in progress),looking for a job, handling the blogshop).

2. when i first started this blog I wanted it to be featuring lovely finds/gorgeous things with aesthetic value,but I;ve recently been blogging nonsense so I'm taking a bit of a break to sit&think of what I really want this blog to be.          

Friday, September 14, 2012

chic & sleek

Been superbly addicted into metallics lately. Got myself a metallic roman sandals, and just recently got a super glam metal moon ring necklace.

Something like this in gold but with a much tinier ring/circle, cause I wanted it to have just a bit more of a classy tint rather than full on glam.

Dying to also give metallic tinted nails a go.


The only catch is that I need to find myself some metal strips pronto! The ones made with metallic polish don't seem quite.. well, polished. Gah, also need some file hole stickers to create those half-moons :(