Friday, September 14, 2012

chic & sleek

Been superbly addicted into metallics lately. Got myself a metallic roman sandals, and just recently got a super glam metal moon ring necklace.

Something like this in gold but with a much tinier ring/circle, cause I wanted it to have just a bit more of a classy tint rather than full on glam.

Dying to also give metallic tinted nails a go.


The only catch is that I need to find myself some metal strips pronto! The ones made with metallic polish don't seem quite.. well, polished. Gah, also need some file hole stickers to create those half-moons :(


  1. I've only just discovered your blog looking through google and found your asian bloggers post from a while back! Very helpful, because i've been trying to find some blogs just like that and you gave me a whole list! But I really like your blog, keep it up!

    Check mine out?? (:

  2. thank you,

    i actually discovered the chinese blogs(they're mostly chinese based blogs) by accident as well because i was really frustrated that no one actually has a masterlist for chinese/asian bloggers and i actually stumbled on a particular list,but it was written in Chinese so I knew no one who speaks English(i cant write/speak/read chinese unless its google translate but im getting just a tiny bit better),so I decided to repost it back in English(the list,I mean) for those seeking for Asian fashion bloggers but dont speak their language.

    some Asian bloggers such as shalai, Nancy Zhang of, Meijia of or Mayo W are more known because they blog in English and its easier to find them.

    I'm sure there are more bloggers: Japanese,Taiwan/HK,Korean and Singapore/Malaysia have quite a bit of bloggers but the trouble is that they're all spread out thinly and no one has a masterlist of it (so do I). I do know a few but I've merged them all into one list rather than by place/country.

    In the end I basically follow them on different platforms;some on twitter/facebook others i've put in a masterlist but without arranging them by location. Its utterly tiring tbh..I wish someone would have a masterlist of masterlist for asian bloggers :x