Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Loot & Taiwan Haul 1

Am really reluctant to post my first haul here, seeing that it'll disrupt the overall feel and ambiance of my blog -_- but anyway, just for the sake of it.

Ordered my very first set of clothing overseas (and online!) through an agent (if you want to know more, please email me). They do ship overseas, but you'll have to incur cost, customs and their service charge yourself and their minimum purchase is at least NT1500 (goods only) or they'll place a surcharge over each item. Place my orders on the 29th of February, and they placed my orders on the 1st (annoying, I know) since they didn't inform me that they were going to place it later. My orders finally arrived on 9th April, air shipping took about 2 weeks and the stores needed 20days to restock and 1 item was held additional 4 days because their supply came late. Seriously not a fan of this, very slow handling.

Item 1: Mulberry Inspired Doctor Bag by PG
Price: 290TWD
Actual cost: RM48 (freight, agent fee etc..)

Stock Image


Initially I wanted to get the Red bag, but it was OOS so I chose the Brown one merely because I loved the design, it kind of reminds me of a Mulberry bag, I can't remember which model but I'm positive I remember seeing something like this before.

Remarks: Overall, the items look exactly like picture, but I'm trying to be very critical (as all Asians can be), that I wished that the bag wasn't as flimsy or light as it is, its alright, especially since a decent bag in the mall would cost like RM70 or 80 this was much cheaper and the quality looked at least better than 70-80% of most bags I see that are imported from China and 95% better for something at this price range. Half a point off because I want it to look better in RL, :s

Rating: 4.5/5

Item 2: Fluffy Xtra Long Hoodie by BAIMOMO
Price: 240TWD
Actual Price: RM 43

Stock Image

Remarks: We actually had in our parcel both colours for this item except one belonged to someone else. Colour is true, red is more like a watermelon pink/red and not blood red, very true to pic. The fluffy bits come out a little bit, its noticeable since mine is black.

Rating: 4.5/5

Item 3: Striped Dress by BAIMOMO
Price: 210TWD
Actual Price: RM 40

Stock Image


Remarks: This looked better on the model (duh), but I'm glad that it came out to be quite decent. It isn't body hugging like those bodycon striped dresses, but rather a soft knit/lounge wear sort of material, and the stripes are blue and a light shade of grey.

Rating: 4/5

Measurement info
Height 159cm
B: 31"
W 26"
H 34.5"

I made an outfit ^^^ The coat slash sweater really had a big impact, it made my entire look as if I was vacationing in Tokyo in late winter or early spring or something, its going to be wonderful to see the look on my uni mates when I wear this out :D

Weekend Loot.

Been a while since I've gone shopping.:D Managed to grab a copy of Teen Vogue April 2012 too :D:D

Sale going on at Diva and Vincci. Everything I got there was on sale, gold heart ring w/o tag is reduced to RM9. The mst expensive piece of the lot is the Vincci Acc one (gasp!) at RM 17.

Super love the iridescent glass-like shards in the ring

Uniqlo was also having a bunch of offers going round with their Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Peanuts and newest Hello Kitty range. Mom and sis got a bunch of tops and tunics from the Laura Ashley florals range and I managed to grab myself a cute top last minute from wait for it...... the Kids Department! :l

Only RM 30 for my top while the Ladies one (with same design, in vanilla,cream instead of L.blue) was RM 40. Fits better too so i likey it!! Didn't get the Hello Kitty range from the Kids Dept cause I didn't like the cutting o_o Don't know exactly if its a good (or bad) thing to still be fitting into sizes that are meant for kids uh..10 years younger than you. This is the US size chart,I think instead of 150 meant for 11,its 12 and 13 here.

link to my top here

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the PG bag is a replica of the Mulberry Alexa bag :)

    1. :D thanks so much, i couldn't remember which one cause there's so many models with a similar gold turnlock buckle >_<

  2. I have the same bag but in blue! It's very flimsy indeed, sometimes kind of annoying but the design is lovely ♥