Monday, February 13, 2012

hearts et arrows.

Valentines is definitely round the corner, though I can't say for myself that I'm feeling the buzz. Maybe its just because I've been concentrating alot on other things other than boys. Nah, i don't think much of those all year round anyway. I'm having trouble with what to get with my last RM100 worth of voucher, super torn between like 4 books which is going to cost me about RM300. Oh and also a storybook in mind as well.

Super psyched out when I saw Disaya's latest collection for this year's Valentine speciale. Disaya reminds me a whole lot of Les Nereides, with their cutesy figurines on their jewelry. I remembered falling for their Sentimental Collection back in 2011 (or was it easrlier), with their super cute crane and couple figurines in lockets.

My favourite pieces from Disaya's Valentine Col. are most definately both the rings and the bow & arrow earrings. How cute is the little figurine peeing hearts omigosh cute! :D

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