Friday, February 10, 2012

my love for you is a stampede of um, felines?

As much as growing up should be a sign of one getting over childish whims, Barbies and what not, I for one refuse to do so. Excuse me, our love for these will never equate to the male species and their love for weapons, football, gadgets and um, girls. From (non-harmful, non-toxic) kitty food to re-ment and even clothes (even if they're only virtual), i love them all! Well except for the one or two oddities that happen to appear from time to time. I quite find HK underwears (for men, mind you!) to be quite disturbing. Also head-to-toe HK's are also quite.. um, OTT, don't you think? Just like in the fashion world, we NEVER suggest that one should deck out in top-to-toe designer, or even worst (God forbid) head to toe in the same designer. Hmm, now I wonder if it'll be hard to run in that pair of sport shoes with the kitty head popping up under?

I guess if all else fails, at least get the kitty-related food, right? At least I can practice biting the heads off. :D

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