Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Am loving lace a lot these days. I can still remember the days when I was just a little girl and i used to TERRIBLY HATE lace to the max because they itch so much. Thank god these days they're less itchy (or perhaps I have merely build up resistance against its itch thanks to another dozen more things that could possibly be itchier than lace), and I love it these days how they lace on the outerpart of the clothing which doesn't totally come into direct contact with the skin. Enough science talk, these "part sweater, part dress", as I would put it, from Korina are amazing. I swear by jellybeans, Asian (meaning Korea/Taiwan/HK/China/Japan and any other amazing fashion oasis) has the best selection of lace pretties. I mean I'm sure Western countries have them too, but you just can't beat Asian nations when it comes to lace + pastel colours to make any girl, well, girlier than they already are. Too bad the price of these eye candies came in their form of the price tag. The sweater costs exactly RM 135, just for the dress itself.

I also love the way they layered the piece by adding in another mesh/tulle overlay under the piece itself (as you can see how the girl in the pink is styling it). Super cute!

I would sincerely consider getting this piece myself, but I couldn't possibly carry the look here without um, the MUCH unwanted attention and well, LOOK AT THE PRICE! :S
Perhaps when I live in somewhere far from here, and I could possibly take anything off the racks without having to worry about the price.

Collar Dress
Tulle Overlay Dress

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