Wednesday, March 14, 2012


LAY.T - 말랑말랑

Honestly I only found out one thing that was annoying: A woman can only find a man's heart mysterious and shaken easily if she was still naive/young. I don't think after your first 1 or 2 relationships you'd still have the 'men are mysterious' mentality cause women simply are too. But then again, to claim that a woman's heart is soft..

Or maybe its just me thinking that way cause I've grown out of all this so much. But I still love the song!

Edit: Im wondering how its possible to think of love (when you're young, that is) in the way that Lay-T puts it, and to change into something bitter and cold as you age. Would that be say, maturing, or merely too many a time being fooled by lies fed from men (and boys)? *goes back to do more serious thinking*

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