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Taiwan Haul #2 et. al

image heavy (you haz been warned.)


My first batch of items all the way from Taiwan have been successful (or at least in other words, made me very very happy). Looks like my mom is getting used to the idea of me shipping in goodies from overseas, she even got a few pieces for herself this round! Hate that some places (especially those that would have made life easier without going through an agent or something have terrible customer serv. -.-). i hope these people know that their items are being REVIEWED on soompi and even one question (or, thread?) I stumbled on a yahoo ask leads to that thread in soompi. be aware sellers! tsk tsk tsk..

I'm still taking things slow and steady, not ready to touch shoes yet, my feet are sensitive cases, VERY flat and my size varies from a 3 to 5 (34 to 36) depending on type of shoe, the material and cut -_- anyway i'll skip the rant because im sure no one wants to start profiling me now right. Oh and the post title also means that not all the items are from Taiwan. I'm squashing in some items i bought off the racks over the past few weeks. (meaning since my last loot/haul post).


Got my items from another agent since my first one didn't really work out. Realized after that either way with either agents, they were not direct ones, and needed one month to get pre-order stock prepped. 40 days of waiting time from the stores to warehouse, and another week or so to dispatch. This time, my rate was slightly lower, and the agent is based locally so these were a plus point, and i didn't need to pay additional 4% for paypal fees and there's basically no minimum pieces or payment per order. :)

Just a little additional info: prices are all shipment/additional cost, for actual $, click on the link. Also decided to revamp my reviews to include areas on the material etc..Please realize that even a rating of 2 is still considered decent for wearing, just that probably the item is out of proportion, transparent etc.. Please realize that almost nothing reaches 5 hearts since I benchmark my 4 to a 5 at a pretty big gap.

Rating system (by ♥ symbols, not the numbers, since ill rate numbers out of 10)
No ♥ at all: don't even buy the item, its not even worth giving away to a charity home (meaning i didn't even bother to give this item a rating at all, no hearts will even be present under this item)
0: quality is superbad, you MIGHT want to donate it, but i'd be ridiculed to even wear this out
1: overall bad quality, i won't be happy to wear this piece out of home but it'll probably be a necessary piece in the closet someday for emergencies or something. Try to get a better piece if you like the design
2: Decent, bad proportion and quality although its dirt cheap (well hopefully if I rate the item as a 2 it is really at a dirt cheap price)
3: Decent, wearable, if its cheap you can consider buying it since there's nothing wrong with it
4: Good quality, some mishaps here and there..
5: (the kind you want to buy a second piece (or regret not buying a second piece or in another colour, and want to recommend to friends etc..) you'll also know this is going to be a staple or fav in my closet.

** I apologize if my captured images of the items suck. I'm using iPad, not other cameras. modeled and product images will appear to be different as they ARE different. Each photo and item is taken in various places, different times of the day ranging from 11am up to 3.30am! Also taken if different spots.

parcel was not packed in a box like the last time. also, no insurance on them like the previous order. also used my pencil case (and blade!) to hide details, please don't mind.

part of the items that arrived, not all are/were mine :)

Store 1: Imagine Girl
Item 1: Kitten Print Tank (純真氣息寬鬆感小貓咪圖樣圓領棉質背心)
Price: RM 26

Stock Image:


My Pics



Paid only 99TWD for this and not 129 because I got them during the first few days they were released and they had a promo! Happy about this, the only (small) downside was that it was a wee bit transparent, as you can (almost!) tell from my modeled image and its also a bit too big at the bust area for me.

Material: it says 100% cotton but the material in actual was cotton, but non-stretchy, and its got this smooth feel to it like its mixed with some sort of 1% to 5% silky/smooth sort of material. im quite certain it can stretch a bit one is slightly too big, but at a tight fit kind of stretch meaning it'll wrap around you really tight,

Colour: (WHITE) same as their stock photos, but (just a tip for those who plan to buy, the pinks and oranges and browns are pretty close (hue) to one another) so you might feel that it looks more bland in real than pics. looks closer to the picture with the top on the (pink) hanger.

Appearance: looks decent+++ since the top is proportionate and balanced, i've seen some items from Asian sites that aren't exactly 100% in proportion etc..Also kudos because this item looks true to picture. (i've noticed some comments that the items should look the same because that's where they take the image from, but sometimes some stores just take stock pics resembling what it looks like, more common on China sites, but there are some Taiwanese stores using the same concept. Of course knowing that the bigger stores have their own photoshoot and their own models it should be the same, but adding this in helps readers, at least that's what I think anyway.)

Rating: 8/10

**this item is still on sale at the store if you want to get them.

Item 2: Heart Crochet Knit (慵懶風情愛心圖案洞洞寬版針織罩衫)
Price: RM 55

Stock Image

My Pics

closeup on detail


This particular piece was my moms'. She could only pick up those with bigger bustlines cause she can't fit the top area on a lot of items, even off the shelf ones. But of course, I will have the privilege of borrowing and wearing this when I want to :D

Overall great item, although you'll notice in another crochet top I got, these holes are pretty visible so will def need a top under this.

Material: when i captured the actual product, the knit looks like its made from some hard and stiff sort of crochet, but its actually not. Instead its softer and flowier than i thought. Looks like their stock image.

Colour: (TAN) colour looks like a well as it says, tan well actually it says 粉橘 which translates into something weird on google trans. but anyway, in actual its got this tan look (not true to modeled pic at all. darker), but with the tiniest tinge of darkened orange into it.

Appearance: looks decent, no complaints. The only thing is that it can fit those with larger bustlines so I might need to tuck this in if I want a "clean-er" sort of look.


Item 3: Zig-Zag Crochet Knit (舒柔簡約實搭款鏤空勾織圓領短袖針織)
Price: RM 62

Stock Image

My Pics



This piece was more expensive, but appeared shorter in real life. This particular piece was also my mom's but when it arrived, she inspected it and gave the top to me because it was too short ._. and it really is. This will most def. be a cropped top. Only tiny defect is the small (idontevenknowwhatthatis) on the top left hand of my top that can be seen in the one one the (pink) hanger. I tried to pry it out but it ain't working, its like it got sewn into the thread before it was knitted. ._.

Material: like the previous crochet top material. I was also skeptical when I saw the stock photos, I was afraid it'll be a hard, stiff material but it came out more relaxed and soft.

Colour: (WHITE) Don't mistaken this for the Apricot/Beige/Cream one, I got the white and it is def true white, somewhat like the pic with it on the floor, but that one makes it look like a dull white, so a little bit of bright white as seen in the modeled pic.

Appearance: No complaints, but yet another piece that's loose on the bustline. And by loose I don't just mean like 2 or 3cm loose, its loose like until it folds over when I wear loose although I know this is supposed to be worn loose, so no complaints. My XS crop top which I have from Cotton On is slightly smaller though, although its loose. :l


Item 4: Umbrella Skirt Dress (流行實搭飄逸感拼接傘襬圓領背心洋裝)
Price: RM 42

Stock Image

My Pics

This basic dresses are a major hit, okay major idk what, but a lot of Taiwanese sellers have been seen stocking this little baby up in their stores, and also another dress with a variety of colours to choose from with a different cut.This actually belongs to someone else, but was asked to check up on the item first by her/him because she's overseas and it'll be a hassle to send them to her and if anything gets wrong she needs to ship back to me and I need to ship back to Taiwan soooo... yea. This was taken when I was inspecting her item. No modeled pics.This is a pretty awesome piece, would actually consider getting this cause its pretty decent (price) and the cinch at the waist looks like it'll go on the body nicely.

Material: Fabric for this item is definitely cotton, but with a jersey-ish sort of feel (the kind that looks like its stretchy but not really, or at least you wont want to in case it never goes bag if you pull and stretch it too much). Its slightly translucent, you will def need to wear something/line it or you can def make out your undergarment pattern even with little light, tried them with my hand for testing. 

Colour: (L.PINK) The colour is pretty alright although I did think it would be a little paler. Guess it looks more like the image with all the colours stacked together.

Appearance: Looks fine, item wise.


Item 5: Pleated Skirt-Leggings (韓國空運舒適感棉質假兩件傘襬裙內搭褲)
Price: RM 42

Stock Image

My Pics

Also belongs to someone else, requested for check-up.

Material: Don't expect a stretch for this leggings like that of Zara's. Its less elastic than that, but I guess its okay.

Colour : (BLACK) Def looks black black, not a light black so... :)

Appearance: From the actual pics, you'll see that the skirt is really short, at exactly 29cm max. If it were a real skirt, I'll have trouble already, seeing that the loose flare will make it even harder to carry it off.

no opinion on this piece since i don't exactly fancy it, but its pretty good, if I can only carry them off.

Item 6: U Neck Skater Dress
Price: RM 61

Stock Image

My Pics


Finally got myself a nice LBD! I have one that's got lace at the collar, but that piece is reserved for special occasions as it is a tad bit too formal/cocktail-ish. I picked this piece up since I could dress it up/down. :)

Did I mention that this is my absolute favourite piece??? I am totally regretting I didn't pick up this dress in another colour! The draping (over my body type) is awesome. I have a big butt and this kind of makes it not as noticeable and the way it flows on the back of the body is ♥♥♥!!

Material: textured cotton, elastic. there's also lining in this although it ends about 8cm before the hem and that too is slightly elastic. The dress itself is opaque and didn't need lining but I guess we all feel safer with lining ^^

Colour: (BLACK) Same as stock pic.

Appearance: looks fine. Excellent, snug/tight fit and mine can still stretch. A tiny folding at the bust area that makes it slightly less than 100% perfect in appearance.

** Anyone who wants this dress pm/comment/email me, I know one store stocking this and bid ends in less than a week.


Shop 2: star.mimi
Item 7: Xtra Long Striped Cardi (連帽五分袖條紋開襟針織罩衫)
Price: RM 77

Stock Images

My Pics

This cardi was picked out by my sis. Didn't model this because it basically looks like a normal cardi. The lapels are non-buttoned and have a jagged sort of shape. And the camera didn't exactly the correct hues/colors in the cardigan so.. ._.

Material: Comfy material,idk how exactly to describe it, its got this common knit feel, its like thin, opaque but you can sort of feel the weight when you put it on and twirl around in it.

Colour: (BLUE/GREEN) Colour is actually REALLY true to the stock photos, my camera seems to have problems by making it like idk how many times lighter, I really hate capturing blue/green/purple on cameras, my photo doesn't give it justice, its so much darker in real ._.

Appearance: The cardigan ends around the lower bottom of my thighs, pretty long, but I can def see myself borrowing this from her :D


Item 8: Layered Trim Top (花瓣淑女領雪紡背心)
Price: RM 54

Stock Images

My Pics

Got this top because I loved the ruffles and collar. Pretty satisfied with it, except this too was a little loose at the bustline and the sleeve holes were big.

Material: Material is sort of a rough, texture-y sort of chiffon, the kind when you feel it, you'd know it'll be a little translucent. Be warned though, its very transparent at the back. They're not as obvious from the front I guess because it has a second layer for the striped parts, but you might want to be careful,especially if you're wearing a dark strap bra, the transparent factor from the back is obvious.

Colour: (NUDE)I REALLY wished that the top was peach cause that tone really matches my skin colour. Instead its more of a light tan, skin mixed with beige like the first of my pics. A little peach infused in it, but it leans more towards a light tan/beige/khaki look. I guess that'll just do, hmm..

Appearance: As I've said with the material, this top was definitely a bit transparent. I forgot to model this, will add one later when I wear it out. This needs to be ironed though, I can tell it'll look much better once ironed out.


Item 9: T Collar Top (圓弧翻領配色短上衣)
Price: RM 68

Stock Images

My Pics


Another purchase because I loved the collar. Satisfied although the bustline is huge and my mom note that it won't work on me. She's right in a way, I need to tuck it in like the model if I plan to wear this top.

Material: Yep, according to the site, this isn't cotton, and yes it really isn't. Its transparent, as you can tell at the arms, yet not. I wore this without any lining and you can't even see anything through it :)

Colour: (BLUE) I kind of regretted taking the colour because it was expected, even in pics it'll be a sombre, muddy/pasty blue, in between like navy and a midnight colour. I think white would have came out prettier though.

Appearance: The buttons on the back aren't exactly the peachiest. I thought it will be pretty, but instead its a silver sort of the type of button you see in oriental tops, or those seen when you have a rubberised loop + stickout button to close the back of a shirt. The sleeves droop a little as the item itself is named "arc". And this also needs to be ironed.


Item 10: Nude Dotted Stockings (LadyChic點點裸膚色褲襪)
Price: RM 23

Stock Image

My Pics

Really wanted this pair of stockings because I could only get my hands on the black version of this, not the skin/nude ones. so yea, now I have a pair! A little bit on the pricey end, my stockings are usually RM15 from blogshops and street stalls but they no have a nudey pair.

Material: Looks decent, like the other few pairs of black stockings I own ranging from RM 3 per pair to under RM 20. Need to wear it out first before I can give a more accurate/detailed review on this.

Colour: Haven't stretched them out but they looks alright. I'm hoping when they're stretch they'll appear really skin on skin colour rather than a pasty tone lighter than my skin tone.



My purchases from the last couple of weeks.

More sale items available at Diva & a bunny ring from Padini/Vincci Accessories at 70% off.

Don't own a pair of ethnic-y inspired rings in my closet at all, so decided to pick this up since the two-part ring intrigued me. Might wear this with simple all-black outfits to give them some sparkle. These were RM 21

This was RM 13, and I adore the design.

Super cute bunny ring at discouted $ for only RM 4.50! :D

Cute print tunic. Only downside was it was too big/loose and it swamps me in quite a bit, and its too long for a top, and if I wear it as a dress, I can't lift up my hands cause it really lifts up when I do -.-

You can probably tell this is my mom's purchase, but I did help her pick it :D Same shape as the tan crochet top from Taiwan, so I guess that's probably why she got it. I love the fact that its half lace, and not only that, its contrasting at the back and front. The lace is on the right from the front view and its laced on the left at the back. :)


Tip: feel free to click the link if you need/want to see more stock images of the items

Measurement info
Height 159-160cm
B: 31"
W 26"
H 34"

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  1. For item #2, the color you called tan (粉橘) translates to "pastel orange."

    1. thanks for translating! ^^ i kept wondering what Fenju meant until I seperated both words to make "powder" and "orange" thanks for the heads up! :)